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Welcome to the neighborhood!

We reopened the store in August of 2014. With a new look and feel we try to provide the community with a wide variety of items. From vegan and vegitarian needs to accomodate the every changing people who live here in Polish Hill. Also having a few select gluten free items on our shelves all of our deli meats are CERTIFIED gluten free. We still continue to ship to over seas countries a list is provide in our package section. We want to continue to give back to our loving community to please continue to shop locally. All of our produce comes from farms with a 45 mile radius of pittsburgh making our produce local organic and fresh! We have many fair trade items as well as cost effective items for a daily budged. Our deli meats are much cheaper then the average grocery store but still provide high end quality meats. Making healthy food affordable!

So come say hi!

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