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Winter chill featured product Horcice mustard

Living in pittsburgh we all know that when its cold we must turn the spickets on to prevent freezing pipe, the cobble stone can surely be a death trap, cat litter can help wiegh the car down to hopefully manage the slippy journey to where ever we need to go and penndot will pelt our cars with rock salt as we manuver around the sink holes Pittsburgh calls pot holes.

Dont let the weather deter you from a kick ass sandwich!

The reason I wanted to bring the deli back to life for Polish Hill was so we had a nieghborhood grocery. Even in this chilly weather I am still so thankful for the support our community continuiously gives us. I hate large corporations and huge overwhelming stores. I love the layed back mom and pop feel.

Please email or call or stop by to tell me how I could make this easier for you to enjoy. Delivery? Less organic? Small kittens? We want to bring to you everything we can to ensure your winter to be easier and more convient.

This month our featured product is Horcice. From Interfoods, Horcice is a traditional Czech and Polish mustard with a bit of a kick. Its a wonderful addtion to any sandwich! Its gluten free and vegan. It comes from farmers who are dedicated to bring there secret reciepies that have been handed down through generations. I brought this with some of our amazing kielbasa to all of the holiday events I attended and it was a huge success!


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